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The same spot has been serving up fish and chips to Thornbury for more than 70 years, but for the past six Alfred Drummond and clan have been manning the grill and been keeping the top end of High St well versed in the staples. It’s a proper old-school chipper, where the menu is as simple as the fit out and the food as honest as the prices are fair. Thick cut chips have good crunch, and a minimum serve will set you back $3.50. Barramundi ($7) and flounder ($6) join flake and whiting ($6) as the fish offering, and come nicely battered and well cooked.

ON THE SIDE Step back in time and add a Chicko roll ($2.50) or sausage in batter ($2.50) to your order.

SOMETHING ELSE It’s not a proper chipper without a good burger offering and they serve up a fairly hefty super burger ($9) that includes pineapple and beetroot as well as bacon, egg, cheese and onion.

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Kicking it old-style, Fish On High is the epitome of the yesteryear fish and chipper, complete with Chiko Rolls, pickled onions, seafood sticks and burgers of all stripes.

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Locals love the quality, takeaway fish and chips, souvlaki's and salads. There's a classic menu plus fancy stuff like salmon on charcoal brioche.

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Nova 100 has created a definitive list of Melbourne's best fish and chips - places you MUST try before you kick the bucket! 

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This fish and chippery have been serving up to thornbury residents for more than 70 years now. The menu is simple, the food is honest and the prices are fair. They are also known for their super burgers which include pineapple, beetroot, bacon, eggs, cheese and onion. 

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Number 844 High Street Thornbury has been a purveyor of fish and chips in Melbourne for so long they remember when rock was young and Elvis was thin. The retro, green-tiled shopfront is currently occupied by Fish on High, whose industrious fryers serve a devoted takeaway crowd – there’s only a few bar stools available inside. A flake fillet comes concealed in a thick batter that is wonderfully gnarly round the edges and chips are plentiful and unashamedly carby – this fare tastes just like the fish and chips of your childhood.   

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There truly is nothing better than the greasy, salty, battered fish that is consumed by all over summer and in particular, down on the sand at the beach. So, GOLD 104.3 have compiled a list of the top 6 places they think serve the best fish and chips.